Laboratory furniture

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Laboratory furniture
  • Laboratory Computer.png Server Cabinet.png Laboratory Wall Fan.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Use time15 Very Fast
RarityRarity Level: 6

Laboratory furniture are unique pieces of furniture that are usually found in the Abandoned Lab. Most of them can additionally be either crafted or bought from The Janitor.


Item Name Placed Appearance Dimensions
Laboratory Back Door.pngBroken Laboratory Back Door.png Back Doors Laboratory Back Door (placed).pngBroken Laboratory Back Door (placed).png 4 wide x 4 high
Empty Bot Hanger.pngOccupied Bot Hanger.png Bot Hangers Empty Bot Hanger (placed).pngOccupied Bot Hanger (placed).png 2 wide x 3 high (Empty)
3 wide x 4 high (Occupied)
Laboratory Ceiling Monitor.png Ceiling Monitor Laboratory Ceiling Monitor (placed).gifLaboratory Ceiling Monitor (placed).png 3 wide x 2 high
Laboratory Computer.png Computer Laboratory Computer (placed).pngLaboratory Computer (placed).gif 2 wide x 2 high
Laboratory Intercom.png Intercom Laboratory Intercom (placed).png 2 wide x 2 high
Mossy Laboratory Tube.png Mossy Tube Mossy Laboratory Tube (placed).png 3 wide x 5 high
Laboratory Railing (Left).pngLaboratory Railing (Middle).pngLaboratory Railing (Right).png Railings Laboratory Railing (Left) (placed).pngLaboratory Railing (Middle) (placed).pngLaboratory Railing (Right) (placed).png 1 wide x 2 high
Laboratory Reactor.png Reactor Laboratory Reactor (placed).gif 9 wide x 5 high
Laboratory Reception Desk.png Reception Desk Laboratory Reception Desk (placed).png 4 wide x 3 high
Laboratory Reception Monitors.png Reception Monitors Laboratory Reception Monitors (placed).gifLaboratory Reception Monitors (placed).png 4 wide x 4 high
Server Cabinet.png Server Cabinet Server Cabinet (placed).gif 2 wide x 4 high
Biohazard Sign.pngElectricity Sign.pngRadioactive Sign.pngSkull Sign.png Signs Placed Lab Signs.png 2 wide x 2 high
Test Tubes.png Test Tubes Test Tubes (placed).png 1 wide x 1 high
Laboratory Wall Fan.png Wall Fan Laboratory Wall Fan (placed).gif 2 wide x 2 high
Wide Laboratory Console.png Wide Console Wide Laboratory Console (placed).gifWide Laboratory Console (placed).png 3 wide x 2 high



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Biohazard SignBiohazard Sign (2)Work BenchWork Bench
Broken Laboratory Back DoorBroken Laboratory Back Door
Electricity SignElectricity Sign (2)
Empty Bot HangerEmpty Bot Hanger
Laboratory Back DoorLaboratory Back Door
Laboratory Ceiling MonitorLaboratory Ceiling Monitor
Laboratory ComputerLaboratory Computer
Laboratory IntercomLaboratory Intercom
Laboratory Railing (Left)Laboratory Railing (Left) (2)
Laboratory Railing (Middle)Laboratory Railing (Middle) (2)
Laboratory Railing (Right)Laboratory Railing (Right) (2)
Laboratory Reception DeskLaboratory Reception Desk
Laboratory Reception MonitorsLaboratory Reception Monitors
Laboratory Wall FanLaboratory Wall Fan
Mossy Laboratory TubeMossy Laboratory Tube
Occupied Bot HangerOccupied Bot Hanger
Radioactive SignRadioactive Sign (2)
Server CabinetServer Cabinet
Skull SignSkull Sign (2)
Test TubesTest Tubes (2)
Wide Laboratory ConsoleWide Laboratory Console
total: 21 row(s)


  • Laboratory Reception Desk and Server Cabinet count as a table for the purposes of housing.
  • Test Tubes count as a placed Bottle for the purposes of crafting.
  • Laboratory Reactor has a minimum pick requirement of 300%.